Would You Give Your Friend Feedback On His D-Pic?

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Sharing between friends is not a new concept, but sharing d pics?

For one group of friends, sharing a private pic is as normal as sharing a story of their day. And the support that surrounds said picture is sweet and endearing. In fact, it was so sweet that a screenshot of the conversation went viral on Twitter.


For Twitter user Dan White, the support shown between him and his friends surrounding a dick pic was so great that he had to share it with the rest of the world. The friendship and support, that is, not the picture itself.

White shared a screenshot of his group chat with the caption, “My buddy is nervous because his long-distance girlfriend asked him to send her a dick pic. This is what your crew is for.”


The display of friendly support gained favorable support from the internet with over 210,000 likes and 34.6 comments. On that note, many shared joy in seeing the display of “nontoxic male friendship.”



In fact, one Twitter user specifically wrote, “God I love non toxic male friendship,” which earned a “Gentle men” response from White.

“Gives ‘hanging with the boys’ a whole new meaning,” wrote another Twitter user.


But possibly the sweetest tweets were the ones of Dan White praising his friends or telling us how the conversation went after the picture was sent.

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