Would You Like Some Sass with Your Order?

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Do gay people have superpowers? I mean, I fashion myself somewhat of a Professor X because of my innate ability to drive my enemies into hysterics in the span of a two-minute conversation.

I never worked food retail, but I was an assistant manager at a grocery store for a decade. I often joked with my staff that 20% of my job was watching dirty old men flirt with my barely legal female cashiers, often having to step in to relieve them for their “break” after it became uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it looks like the same predatory behavior carries over to fast food. Luckily, young gays discovering their “powers” are there to help take down the bad guys.


According to Pink News and Comic Stands, a young man by the name of Matt helped coworkers teach a repeat offender his lesson in shutting up after using the much older man’s logic against him. Allegedly, the man is a patron at the local Burker King and often sexually harasses the women who greet him at the various drive-through windows. After multiple complaints – and maybe even hearing it himself since most fast-food restaurants use headsets – Super Gay Matt decided to jump into action.

Matt used the harasser’s favorite pick-up line, “Do you know what would look good on you? Me,” and stunned the man into silence. Matt later told my sources that when the man regained his composure, he awkwardly responded with a flirty retort before driving off. The man in question has barely returned to the Burger King ever since the interaction.

In one quick moment, Matt became a flash queer icon, a defender of justice and a TikTok talking point. Take that, evil doers! Matt and his self-proclaimed “gay powers” will take you down!

Watch the interaction below.


Customer comes and harasses my female co workers often. This is the same pickup line he used last week. #customerservice #fastfoodlife #fastfoodworkers #customersbelike #customers

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Sources: Pink News, Comic Stands

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