Wrestling History Was Made on Tuesday and We’re Here for It!

Photo Credit: @GabbiTuft on Instagram

She’s back! 

After months of training videos, Gabbi Tuft officially returned to the wrestling ring after over a decade. The moment finally came on Tuesday, June 25th, when the wrestler made her indie debut as part of West Coast Pro Wrestling. 


Tuft wrestled Jessica Roden, a former women’s champion, in the main event match that lasted almost 20 minutes. Although Roden was a worthy opponent, Gabbi walked away with the victory… all while debuting a heel character that has massive appeal in the same vein as WWE’s Judgement Day. 

Gabbi says on Instagram: Mother will guide her children to salvation.


The 45-year-old California native, formerly known as Tyler Reks, enjoyed a lengthy career in professional wrestling from 2007 to 2014. Reks was part of WWE from 2008 to 2012 and embarked on a small stint with Pro Wrestling Syndicate in 2014 before retiring. 

Tuft made history in 2021 when she came out publicly as a transgender woman. This announcement made her the first former WWE star to come out as transgender. Here’s hoping that more history will be made in the future, and that she can start becoming Gabbi: The Women’s Champion and not just formerly Tyler. 

When not gearing up (literally) for an epic wrestling comeback, Gabbi works in marketing, fitness coaching and as a social media influencer. 

AEW, we’re coming for you next! 

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