Writers Quinn and Rice Still Seeking Answers on Billy Newton’s Murder

Five days before the 31st anniversary of William Arnold Newton’s Murder, authors Eric Shaw Quinn and Christopher Rice recap things they have learned from their investigation into Newton’s murder including their interview with Rachel Mason, director of the documentary, ‘Circus of Books.’ (Photo Credit: Christopher Rice Official Twitter Account and The Dinner Party Show Twitter Account)

With October 29th marking 31 years since adult film star William Arnold Newton (aka Billy London) was found dead and dismembered in a dumpster behind Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, California, authors Eric Shaw Quinn and Christopher Rice mark the anniversary with this week’s episode of their podcast, TDPS Presents Christopher and Eric. The duo first talked about Newton’s murder in an episode of their podcast back in August 2020 as well as devoting full episodes to talk about things they had learned after setting up an email address for tips from anyone who may have seen Newton before his death.

As Rice and Quinn revealed on episode 60, “The Murder of William Arnold Newton Part II: Billy’s Last Weekend,” an officer from the Los Angeles Police Department Homicide Division, Detective John Lamberti reached out to them explaining he was now working on the Newton murder case and would like to talk to Ron Wheeler, the guy Quinn and Rice talk about in episode 48 that sent an email explaining he encountered Newton a few days before Newton was found dead. After verifying the detective was who he said he was, the authors bring Lamberti on their podcast to interview him as to what he has discovered in his official investigation.


In episode 63, “The Murder of William Arnold Newton Part III: The LAPD Speaks,” Quinn and Rice discuss with Lamberti how he came to be on the Newton murder case as well as discussing his own investigation on the Newton murder. Lamberti also explained that Newton’s DNA was never uploaded to the California Missing Persons DNA database and after speaking with Wheeler, Lamberti reached out to Milwaukee Police Department to investigate the Jeffery Dahmer angle Wheeler mentioned in his account of seeing Newton before he died.

In episode 74, “The Murder of William Newton Part IV: Meet Rachel Mason,” the authors spoke to Rachel Mason, the director of the Emmy and GLAAD award-nominated documentary, Circus of Books, about her possibly doing a documentary on Newton’s murder. Mason described to Quinn and Rice how she came upon Newton’s murder during the time she was working on Circus of Books as well as how she was researching into it at the same time the authors began covering it in their podcast.


Five days before the 31st anniversary of Newton being discovered dead in the dumpster on Santa Monica Boulevard, the podcast hosts released episode 98, “The Murder of William Arnold Newton Part V: A Dark Anniversary.” While the authors said there was no new information pertaining to the murder, they share theories on Newton’s killer and reaffirm their theory that Newton’s murder had to be premediated.


The authors have stressed in every part of “The Murder of William Arnold Newton” if anyone has any information to share regarding Newton and his murder to send an email to williamnewtoninvestigation@gmail.com.

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