‘WTF?’ RuPaul’s Season 12 Reunion Outfit Wasn’t Exactly A Hit With Fans

Credit: VH1

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 reunion, which was shot virtually for the first time ever, remained fairly low-key throughout even though there were a couple of shady moments sprinkled in. 

One of the biggest topics that was discussed both during and after it aired had nothing to do with the cast at all. It revolved around RuPaul‘s interesting outfit choice where the Emmy-winning host sported just a purple hoodie and face mask.  

Ru’s ensembles during the reunion shows over the past couple of years (starting from season 9) are usually him wearing a spiffy & colorful suit (most likely from Klein Epstein & Parker, a brand he often promotes). This, however, was a stark difference style wise which more than likely wouldn’t have happened if they were able to shoot the show in its usual format. 

Fans, of course, had something to say about this which they did in the funniest and shadiest of ways on the internet. Take a look:



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  1. So he sleeps in a hoodie and a latex mask.. or was he concerned that the 1000 watt light build that is usually used to light him was not available?


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