WV Delegate Removed From Committee After Vulgar TikTok Videos Surface

WV Delegate Joe Jeffries posted a video on his now-private TikTok account about, in graphic detail, the best way to please a woman. (Photo Credit: [Left] Screenshot from TikTok video via Erin Beck Twitter Account and [Right] WVLegislature.gov)

By now, you would think some people would have learned that what is put on the internet can come back to bite them in the ass. Obviously, West Virginia State Delegate Joe Jeffries is learning that lesson now. Jeffries, who is a delegate for the 22nd district in WV, is a Republican delegate elected to the state’s House of Delegates in 2018 and was re-elected last year. 

On July 8th, it was discovered that Jeffries had a TikTok account with some videos containing the usual Trump cultist rhetoric but that was not the only videos. Journalist Erin Beck posted a tweet from her Twitter account sharing her discovery after looking at his account.




After Beck shared a video from the delegate’s TikTok account on how to properly perform cunnilingus, others were quick to remind her of some awful things that Jeffries has done since he was elected.




Like any scandal, it didn’t take long for the news of the inappropriate videos to create a problem for Jeffries and the next day, while Jeffries deleted all of his videos from his TikTok account and made it private, Beck downloaded a couple of them.




One person commenting on Beck’s tweets reminded her that Jeffries tweeted about his displeasure when a high school in his district posted a pro-LGBTQ message on a bulletin board.




In the late afternoon of July 9th, Roger Hanshaw, the speaker of the WV House of Delegates issued a statement concerning Jeffries:

“I believe Joe Jeffries is an embarrassment not just to the House of Delegates, but to the entire state. He has shown us more than once that he does not respect the office he was elected to serve. I am but one member among 100, and his constituents will have the opportunity at the ballot box in 2022 to decide whether he represents them as they wish. 

“As presiding officer, the only tool at my disposal to express my disgust with his repeated, reprehensible behavior is to strip him of his committee vice chairman position, which I have done today. Carrying out the will of the people is serious work, and I expect better behavior of our members, even in what they believe is their private time.”

The West Virginia Republican Party also issued a statement about Jeffries:


Last night West Virginia Delegate Joe Jeffries posted a public video describing sexually explicit subjects on his personal account on the social media platform Tik Tok.

Simply put, such behavior by any public official is unacceptable.

Through his poor judgement and actions, Delegate Jeffries has brought shame to himself, his office, his constituents, and our Party.

West Virginia Republican Party leadership has reached out directly to Delegate Jeffries and demanded that, at the very least, he publicly apologize for his lewd conduct.

It should also be noted that earlier this year Jeffries voted yes on a bill that prohibited teaching sexuality and displays relating to sexuality in public schools.

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2 thoughts on “WV Delegate Removed From Committee After Vulgar TikTok Videos Surface”

  1. Joe is a volunteer Fireman and a decent person. The real clown is the Speaker who allows Delegates to bring paramilitary looking pvt security in the building to intimidate political opposition. Yeah, you did not read about it due to COVID restrictions, but ask any staffer or the few members of the public who were let in during the 2020 Regular Session. Get your priorities straight, Mr. Speaker. You are a coward.

  2. This POS is a typical Republican. Do what you want preach against anything that doesn’t benefit you personally. These people are the true downfall of America.
    P.S. I’m not a Democrat either so find another argument.


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