WWE Star A.J. Styles Under Fire For Repeatedly Using Gay Slurs

A compilation video has surfaced online that features WWE superstar A.J. Styles repeatedly using homophobic language in and out of the ring.


The clip features the 41-year-old Jacksonville, North Carolina native saying the word "fa***t" to several of his opponents and to a man off-screen while he was in the middle of an interview. You can see the footage here.

Several people on the post defended his actions, with one saying "Most of these were from years ago…and he was playing a heel/or simply a character. Who he is in the ring surely isn't who he is in real life dammit."

Someone also questioned the Twitter users motives in them showing this now. "Here’s a question, if you knew that AJ said this….why say it now and not when he first made his WWE debut back in 2016?"

He has not issued a response regarding this matter as of Thursday morning. A.J. has been wrestling for 20 years now but didn't sign with the WWE until 2016. He has since become one of their most popular personalities, garnering almost 2 million followers on Twitter and Instagram while also winning the WWE championship not once but twice. 


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