‘X Factor UK’ and Rugby Star Levin Davis Missing in Spain

Photo Credit: S Meddle

A desperate plea for help is going viral as Levi Davis’ family looks for answers and, more importantly, the location of their loved one.

Levi Davis, age 24, is most known for being 1/3 of pop-r&b group Try Star, which was formed in 2019 to compete in the celebrity edition of The X Factor in England. The group placed fifth in the competition later that year but disbanded and have not released any original material since. Try Star was formed based on hot bodies, slightly above-average singing skills and the rugby connection shared by the three men.


Davis and fellow Try Star members Thom Evans and Ben Foden all have professional rugby backgrounds. Davis, specifically, had a career as a “wing” from 2017 to 2021 and played on teams including Bath, Ealing Trailfinders and Worthing Raiders. The currently missing young man created headlines in 2020 for becoming the first professional rugby player to come out as bisexual

Perhaps it’s this decision that contributed to his disappearance. 

Sources state that Levi left for a small vacation at the end of October in order to clear his head. Conflicting reports state that he was supposed to be in Ibiza or Barcelona, Spain. However, he was last seen on surveillance footage entering a bar called Old Irish Pub on October 29th. 


And then… Nothing. He just vanished. 

Now, I don’t think it’s out of line for me to say that it’s still hard to be a black man in 2022 and then you add being a bisexual to this big target on your back. That’s why foul play is being suspected in this missing person’s case, but unfortunately, Levi’s mental health is playing a big part in the confusion.

Prior to his disappearance, Levi was dealing with financial problems and mental health issues. The singer and rugby player was battling depression due to racism, homophobia and career struggles. Apparently, he was out of rugby due to a medical injury and was thinking of quitting the sport altogether. 


Since leaving The X Factor UK, the Worthing Raiders wing started his only OnlyFans account to model nude photos and launched his solo singing career in the Fall. He released his debut single, “With me,” in September, which went widely unnoticed.

Was his residual income not matching a lavished lifestyle? Is there debt already? Is it easier to start over somewhere new?

Levi’s mother tells Mirror UK:


There have been a lot of issues going on for Levi recently, which he shared with me. I think it was a buildup of these things which eventually just blew his mind. Rugby has not been the best at looking after Levi, and he’s suffered a lot of racial prejudice. He didn’t have a club and was also recently having money worries. At the same time [that he left], there was some very deep emotional stuff around relationships that I can’t really go into. It seems as if everything just got too much for him and it’s led to Levi going missing. He’s had mental issues in the past, but it seems as if this time he’s not been able to handle them.

Sending Davis’ family hope and positive vibes as they endure this difficult time.

I hope that I can provide an update to this post in the near future, a future where Levi is located and safe. Fingers crossed that he’s in isolation somewhere re-evaluating his life and getting the mental reprieve that he desperately needs. I’d really hate to see such a young and talented man depart this Earth so early. 

Sources: Pink News, Mirror UK

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