X-Rated Spin-Off Premieres on OUTtv Just Before Thanksgiving

Photo Credit: OUTtv

Los Angeles is about to get a little more X-rated. 

After the breakout success of its latest series, X-Rated: NYC, OUTtv quickly went into production of a spin-off that’s set to premiere on the streaming network on November 21, 2023. 


X-Rated follows the lives of famous, gay adult performers in various regions. Love, life and work for all participants are shown in raw form. Where the NYC flagship, which just finished season two, obviously took place in New York, the spin-off will be taking to the streets of Los Angeles. 

Confirmed cast members include Brock Banks, Noah Way and Reign. Also joining the line-up is Dante Colle, who appeared in X-Rated: NYC before making the move to LA. Other performers will make small appearances as they bump shoulders (and uglies?) with the main cast. 

While Hot Haus is my most guilty pleasure on OUTtv, the X-Rated franchise is important because it helps paint gay porn stars as actual human beings and not just items for your sexy fantasies. This is a stereotype that we’re all trying to break! 


Both seasons of X-Rated: NYC, consisting of 12 episodes, are currently available to stream. Check them out if you’re only getting into the action now. And remember…

X-Rated: Los Angeles debuts November 21st on OUTtv.

Will you be watching? 


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  1. I only like a couple gay shows on OutTv most of it’s drag stuff. For the Love of DILFS and The Whole Package the only 2 worth watching. I haven’t seen X Rated but from the previews look pretty staged. Kinda cool idea though, a gay porn reality show.


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