XTube Will Make It’s Exit Because of Traffic or Trafficking?

Well, it looks like a lot of folks will have to find a new late night hobby. The popular (and controversial) adult site XTube will  permanently be calling it quits on September 5 of this year.

Credit: XTube.com

XTube, which was founded in 2006 and is owned by adult juggernaut tech company MindGeek, did not provide an explanation at the time of their announcement – but many people are speculating that it is because of the controversy surrounding the human trafficking accusations and lawsuits associated with illegal content sharing. XTube was the first sight of its kind that allowed users to upload and share their own amateur porn content. That type of freedom combined with a lack of internet (and site) regulations would prove to be a recipe for disaster.

Credit: MindGeek’s Wikipedia Page

MindGeek, who owns the Pornhub network and many other adult site platforms, has had their fair share of controversy and lawsuits. Last month alone, 34 women filed a lawsuit against MindGeek and its Pornhub site, alleging that they had been exploited and their content had been shared without their consent. MindGeek denied the aforementioned allegations and called the lawsuit “utterly absurd”. According to TNW, most of the lawsuits have centered around rape allegations, child sex abuse, revenge porn and other egregious acts of illegal content sharing.

As of July 7th, MindGeek released a statement in regards to XTubes closure:

“Like any tech company, we are constantly evaluating our content offerings and products to best serve our users. XTube has always had a dedicated but small community, and we believe that its users and creators will be better served on one of our existing platforms, where they will be able to take advantage of wider reach and increased visibility.”

XTube updated their FAQ’s information since announcing the upcoming shutdown. Users will be able to view content until its official shut down, however they have disabled the ability to upload videos, buy any new subscriptions or credits. Last payments will be made on September 16.

Do you think this shut down will lead to the closure of other adult sites on the internet? Will XTube’s closure effect your browsing habits? Or were you nude with your lube, being entertained by other sights, not owned by MindGeek.

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