Yale Fans Got Naked During Game vs. Harvard. We’re Football Fans Now!

Streakers at a sporting event are a little boring.  Stand still!  We want to see!  Apparently some students listened and took action during the Yale vs. Harvard game today.


“The Game” — the matchup between Yale and Harvard on the gridiron — has been known to bring out some crazy pranks, but have fans ever delayed what was happening on the field?

This may be a first: Saturday’s contest was delayed by a group of co-eds getting up on a wall wearing nothing but their birthday suits. Here is a faraway shot of their antics:

Good for Yale. They almost never win this game, and somehow, by the power of butts, they’re winning. Gotta love the Ivy League. – usatoday.com


For the record, Yale won the game, 21-14.


From the Yale Daily News in 2002:

Neither rain, nor snow, nor the harsh New England weather can prevent another nude Yale tradition. For decades, the Saybrook Strip has entertained and shocked fans of Ivy League football. It began in the 1970s, when a single Saybrook student mooned the opposing fans at the Harvard-Yale game. The next year, some of his friends joined him. In the decades since these intrepid acts of anti-Harvard (or anti-clothing) rebellion, the Saybrook Strip has become a fixture at every Yale football game.

What a tradition.  – usatoday.com











h/t:  usatoday.com

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