Yanis Marshall Returns With High-Heeled Beyoncé ‘Blow’ Dance Routine

At this point we're beginning to think Yanis should have heels surgically implanted into the soles of his feet, because when he's in them he does nothing buy slay the dance floor.


The master choreographer recently posted this video to his youtube—featuring fellow dancers Zack Reece & Nicolas Huchard—working it out in this steamy routine to Beyoncé's 'Blow'.

See the fierce choreo below. Enjoy!





What do you think of the video, Instincters? Think Lady B will ever ask Marshall to choreograph one of her fierce videos or performances?


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11 thoughts on “Yanis Marshall Returns With High-Heeled Beyoncé ‘Blow’ Dance Routine”

  1. Love the fact that he made

    Love the fact that he made his move flowing and girlish and that the two dudes in sneakers dance the routine in a very masculine way. Great job Yanis !!  

  2. David H.,

    David H.,

    First of all, who are you to judge people? I don't think that you have the real knowledge to judge people and say " you are wrong" or "you cannot dance".

    Plus thanks to people like you, make people want to climb the social ladder, and so that want to show to bullshit people like you that everybody can be better! 

    on the other hand, i have never seen Yanis dance in a video like Sheryl, I think he doesn't need to dace with a with underwear and move like a bitch to be famous OR a good dancer.

    On the other hand, SORRY to not be ENGLISH, SORRY to people to not understand everything on English video or English music!!! We are French and we are trying to do the best.

    Oh, and Sheryl is so FAAAAAMOUUUS and SOOOOO much people are inspired by her that she doesn't have a video or an article on internet… that's strange ? ah ah

    Peace and love my friend 😉

    PS: Don't forget, never judge people because YOU are so jealous.


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  4. Joe Berry must be one of her

    Joe Berry must be one of her followers. People like this only bring negative feedback for the person they are trying to promote. I went to YouTube to check her out and was not impressed. Her videos are amateur at best how long has she been doing it and she still can't get a decent video up? Check out LUAM she also teaches at NY and is a great dance but her video's are good. Yanis videos are well put together. To each there own i just couldn't get through any of her videos because they were filmed so poorly and that peacock video was like watching a gay unicorn vomit everywhere.

    • With all due respect Jonvrgs.

      With all due respect Jonvrgs….I am not a follower of anyone. In fact, until today, I had never heard her name and still have not seen the Run The World video.  I specialize in Technique on the Convention Circuit, because of my ballet training.  However, I am not taking anything away from Sheryl, Yanis, or any other choreographer that is "Working"!! This is a tough enough industry to just get in the door……and you must top yourself to stay in the door!! 

      Maybe you read my post wrong, but I am not bringing negative feedback, but yet positive feedback.  You dont have to be a dance expert to appreciate someones hard work…..however being a professional dancer…..you must exercise the word professional and see it for what it is…..even if you disagree. Its a celebration of dance! Its a celebration of all of us….regardless if we know, have seen, or been apart of the actual work in question.  Now I am very familiar with Luam! I have seen her work on the Monster of Hip-Hop Convention Circuit.  Serious Mad Skillz!!!!!

      Now you are entitled to your opinion and feel free to continue to speak freely……there are times when I dont have a filter for some of my words…..but in a industry as small as dance…..you gotta be careful what you say! There is an old old sayin: "Be careful of the toes you step on today, for they may be attached to the a$$ you have to kiss tomorrow.

      Much Continued Blessings, JB

  5. I love watching Yanis

    I love watching Yanis Marshall and all of his choreography videos.  I'm a working choreographer and I teach on the Dance Convention circuit, along with judging dance competitions and choreographing for various dance studios…..and I enjoy his work!! It's not technically proficient, but it is very entertaining and energetic!! The fact that he dances in heels, most of the time….it what makes it so fascinating!! I would love to be in his class and try to dance in heels!! It would be a truly fun day of dance for me. 

    Every choreographer draws their inspiration from various people, places, and things……yes we all borrow, copy, bit, steal……whatever word you wanna use……each other's choreography. It's just habit and nature of the beasts. 

    Getting the recognition and the correct pay….is an ongoing issue with dancers and choreographers…..so as long as Yanis Marahall and everyone else, that has a camera in their face and awesome articles being written about them by thus particular media outlet…..it's a win for us all!!

  6. no I don’t think Beyoncé will

    no I don't think Beyoncé will ever hire this crap!!! lololololol
    ​first of all, do you know anything about dance or are you just a normal person who goes through youtube and its "sensations"? not judging you, but anyone who is knowledgeable and/or professional in the field of dance would recognize that this is a very bad choreography (and performance as well in my opinion).
    second, YOUTUBE: "SHERYL MURAKAMI" . she has choreographed for Beyoncé multiple times (won a MTV VMA awards for the run the world choreography as well) and has been teaching classes in New York for years, now in Los Angeles. Yanis used to take Sheryl's class whenever he could back in the day, now he is biting (or copying if u prefer) her choreography in his unoriginal videos which are actually blowing up thanks to people's ignorance!! I'm not talking about being inspired by Sheryl's choreography, because I would say many choreographers and dancers all over the world are inspired by her. I'm talking about taking her signature steps or whole sections of her combos or video concept / outfit ideas and putting them in a clueless mash-up with other poor steps that he probably reminisced from some other class he took. It's not hard to see the similarity when you compare Sheryl Murakami's original videos to Yanis'.
    third, just in case Yanis gets to read this, learn some english because a lot of times it looked like you didn't know what Beyoncé was singing about in this piece. I think knowing the meaning of the lyrics might help you choreograph something more original..out of your own creativity, not someone else's. Wearing a pair of heels might make you interesting and/or funny for a lot of youtube viewers but if you wanna be a dancer or choreographer, it's a whole other story.

    just so you know 😉

    peace & love

    • Wow!  “Peace & Love”?

      Wow!  "Peace & Love"?

      It makes me sad when people go out of their way to cut people down in this kind of way.  It sounds like you know something about dance & that's great.  Maybe you are seeing things that are not so apparent to people with less knowledge, but wouldn't it be better to remark on what's good about something than what's not.  It seems very vicious.  I don't know you, but I hope you are happier than you sound & I hope that you have joy in your life, but I promise you that there's much more joy in focusing on the beauty & good in something, then trying to destroy it.  Wouldn't it be better to support someone's efforts even if they don't achieve perfection.

      I'm assuming that you are LGBT & I know that "Throwing Shade" is the new black, but I would offer that we should all just try to be a little nicer to each other.  We might all benefit from building each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

      Peace & love to you.


    • You remind me of the fake
      You remind me of the fake preppy bitches that rip others to shreds just to hide their own shortcomings and insecurities. This was absolutely pathetic. Who do you think you are? Don’t talk trash about someone who obviously has talent and then add something positive at the end. That’s so rude, its like you’re already dismissing anything that anyone else may respond with, and it seems like you think you’re superior to everyone that thinks Yanis has talent. You said that “wearing a pair of heels might make you interesting and/or funny for a lot of youtube viewers but if you wanna be a dancer or choreographer, it’s a whole other story.” You implied that you must be very knowledgeable about dance/ choreography, but if you can’t see how impressive it is for a man to dance in heels, you obviously hold the title of Ignoramus. Don’t say someone is just copying another’s work when you clearly have no idea of what you’re talking about, because maybe you’ve fooled others, but throwing around vague/broad criticisms about someone doesn’t convince me of your knowledge in an area. How about you pop that airhead of yours and lose a little arrogance, hmmm?

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