Yasmin Finney Has An Upcoming Role In The ‘Doctor Who’ Reboot

While so many of us fell in love with Yasmin Finney as the hopeful & relatable ‘Elle Argent’ in Netflix’s endlessly heartwarming love story Heartstopper, Finney is preparing to put away the shy and adorable awkwardness of the young Ms. Argent for a little while, trading them in for some truly adult-geared roles, one of which is confirmed in the reboot of a beloved British series. The other that she is manifesting however, is a glass-ceiling shattering game changer. 


Finney recently told the Daily Star that she would love to take a crack at portraying the first openly transgender ‘Bond Girl’, saying about the beloved spy franchise “I love James Bond films. “Every film I’ve seen, I’ve always thought, ‘I’d love to be that cool, sexy Bond girl’. “It has never been done before, so it would be amazing to do it”. If Finney was to snag the role of the latest in a long line of Bond bombshells, she would be following in the great tradition of such big-screen beauties as Ursula Andress, Britt Ekland, Halle Berry, and Denise Richards, all of which starred alongside our favorite super spy. What Finney would not be is the first trans woman to appear in a James Bond film; that honor goes to trans actress Caroline Cossey (then known as Tula) who was an extra in the 1981 Bond flick For Your Eyes Only. Cossey portrayed the role of the unnamed ‘Girl At Pool’-and subsequently found herself outed by the now-defunct tabloid News of the World.

Next up, Finney will be shaking up the system on Doctor Who, courtesy of show runner Russell T. Davies. While details right now are limited on her character ‘Rose’, one thing that is confirmed is that the character is trans, making the character one of the first trans characters in the several decade history of the show. Neil Patrick Harris (a Doctor Who guest star) recently indicated that the next iteration of Doctor Who (portrayed by Ncuti Gatwa) will be “the first gay Doctor” and a “super cool, sexier doctor” so consider us ready to binge this longtime favorite as it gets a much deserved reboot of its own. 

As for Finney, she is more than ready for the future. “There is so much coming your way” Finney said hopefully to the Star. “I can’t wait for you all to see the trans magic coming to your screens in 2023.”

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