YASSS Hallokween!-The X-Change Rate & Brent Pumpkins Carve Out Some Seasonal & Fierce Designs

Since launching her BUILD Series talk show The X Change Rate last year, New York City drag legend and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 winner Monet X Change has showcased both fantastic guests and amazing skills as a talk show host. Hosting polarizing & popular guests like Todrick Hall, Gia Gunn, & even RuPaul himself, Monet has quickly separated herself from the pack of online talk shows. While it has quickly become apparent that X Change is mastering headlining her own eponymous talk show, as we dive head first into the Halloween season, she decided to see if her skills were equally as sharp at carving her own pumpkins. That’s where pumpkin carver extraordinaire Brent Pumpkins came in. 

On the recent episode of The X Change Rate (featuring dynamic Transparent finale performer Shakina Nayfack), X-Change hosted Brent Pumpkins for some lessons on pumpkin carving from the master himself, and they truly managed to “Jack-O-LanTURN” the party together! After getting a quick tutorial from the man who’s carved everyone from Beyonce to Lady Gaga, the carving commenced! The end result is another masterful pumpkin from Brent Pumpkins, completely with one of Monet’s signature pussycat wigs; now soak that up!


Keep an eye on both “The X Change Rate” & Brent Pumpkins here; 




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