Years & Years Releases New Single Tackling What Its Like To Date A Straight Guy

Last month, we shared with you the news that British band Years & Years was coming back with a new album.


With a hit debut album, it’s a wonder how the band will tackle coming back and what issues they’ll address in their music. But, their first single about coming out and not letting others define you gave us a good idea.

And now, their newest song about dating a straight man and the “blessing” of being gay tells us this album will have great commentary on gay life.

In this second album, openly gay frontman, singer, and songwriter Olly Alexander is sharing more of his world perspective (with the musical help of his bandmates Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Türkmen).

While talking about the new album, Alexander shares that he really wants to get the point across that being gay is a blessing.


“I feel like being gay is a blessing. I wanted that to come through.”

In order to help deliver that message, Olly Alexander has released the latest single titled “Sancrify.” While the music video shows a world where robots have taken over, Alexander says the real meaning behind the song is the topic of dating a straight boy.


candid shots of me thinking about men

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As he told Apple Music’s Beats 1:

“I wanted to write a song that was kind of inspired from some experiences I’ve had with guys who identify straight but I’ve had something a bit more than just a friendship with them.” He also added, “It spoke a bit to my own coming out journey as a gay guy.”

“There’s so much that goes on in an experience like that. On the one hand, the guy is struggling with his sexuality and feeling unable to express himself as anything other than straight while also desiring me,” he says. “I’m on the other side feeling like both a sinner and saint or a devil and angel, leading this guy down a path of ‘sinfulness’ while, at the same time, helping him explore his sexuality.”

Want to hear the song and check out the video for yourself? You can by watching the Youtube video down below.

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