‘You Push Us Too Far You’re Going To Have To ATTEND An A**-Whooping’

Flight attendant Alfredo Rivera - parody video
(screen capture via YouTube)

You may have heard about the unruly man on a Frontier Airline flight that ended up having to be duct taped to his seat? Flight attendant Alfredo Rivera speaks out about the incident.

On using the restraining tape on a passenger: “I’m a flight attendant but if you push us too far, you’re going to have to ATTEND an ass-whooping.”


โ€œBy the way – he smelled like a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, 4 shots of Everclear alcohol, and reeeee-gret.โ€

Ok, so, the video is actually the brilliant parody work of James Bates, a Nashville comedian. The video on his YouTube comedy channel has garnered over 2.9 million views in two days.

Props to Bates for quickly jumping on the story which did happen on August 3 during a flight from Philadelphia to Miami.


The passenger, 22-year-old Maxwell Berry, apparently drunk as a skunk, spilled drinks on himself, came back from the restroom without his shirt on, started a fight, groped two flight attendants, and then punched a male attendant.

Here’s the CNN report on the incident:

The airline initially told CNN the crew members were suspended for taking such action.


But after the union representing its flight attendants criticized the airline’s “knee-jerk reaction to a short video clip that did not show the full incident,” the airline reversed course.

“Frontier Airlines maintains the utmost value, respect, concern and support for all of our flight attendants, including those who were assaulted on this flight,” spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz said in a statement. “We are supporting the needs of these team members and are working with law enforcement to fully support the prosecution of the passenger involved.”


Miami-Dade Police reportedly charged Berry with three misdemeanor counts of battery, according to the police report, but declined to pursue felony charges against Mr. Berry.

More from NPR:

The Federal Aviation Administration reported 3,271 cases of unruly behavior by passengers in the first half of 2021. This included some 2,475 instances where passengers refused to comply with the federal face mask mandate.

The FAA said it has proposed more than $682,000 in fines against unruly passengers in that same six-month period, with fines ranging from $7,500 to $21,500.


(source: NY Times)

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  1. They should have recreated the scene from the, “Airplane” movie where people were lined up taking turns punching him in the face, that would have been classic.

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