Young Boy Is Going To Slay Halloween As Bob The Drag Queen With Some Help From His FuGuncle.

I am failing big time for Halloween costume ideas.  The slutty ones are so not me and any other great idea is just going to take too long and since my sewing machine is still up north, I'm without my creative partner.  Time For More 'Revealing' Halloween Costumes and Charlie Carver Helps Us Pick Out The Perfect Costume have been a couple of our recent postings, but I haven't been inspired. 

Will I get inspiration from this Mom, her son C.J., and her FuGuncle?  And what is a FuGuncle?


“Just so you know, we aren’t going to make your skin or face brown like Bob The Drag Queen’s,” I established right up front. Bob is black and C.J. is half Irish with skin the color of fat free milk and red hair. While I’m totally fine with my son going in drag, I’m completely opposed to him going in blackface. To some people, that makes me weird.

“Why would you think I’d do that?” C.J. asked in surprised disgust. Which made me proud of him and disappointed in myself for bringing it up. “I need her dress and purse and hair and makeup and everything.”

Knowing my limitations, C.J. told me to call his Uncle Michael for help.

“You can’t order this costume on online, mom! Call my FuGuncle (fun gay uncle)!”

I did as I was told because I knew it was the right thing to do.

Days later Uncle Michael arrived from West Hollywood with a wig, fake eyelashesm pearls and big ideas.

Thank RuPaul for gay brothers. –


Yes, gay brothers and gay uncles are amazing, aren't we?  We mentioned his FuGuncle in the title, but we all know there are three awesome people in this story.  This mom is pretty special, too.  To let her son be a strong young individual the way he sees fit is epic.  Of course he's that way with the help from a great support staff. Bravo to the whole family. 

We're sharing C.J.'s choice of Halloween costume here, but he's not being as open with those around him.


“What are you going to be for Halloween?” people and peers have been asking C.J. for weeks.

“I don’t know,” he always says nonchalantly.

“Why aren’t you telling people what you’re going to be for Halloween?” I asked him in private, worried that he wasn’t telling people because he was afraid of being teased.

“I’m not telling people that I’m going to be Bob The Drag Queen for Halloween because I don’t want them to steal my awesome idea,” he replied with the attitude needed to be the world’s best drag queen for a night. –



Where do we send the candy!


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