“Your Boos Mean Nothing to Me – I’ve Seen What You Cheer For”

During a speech on Wednesday, Democratic State Rep. Brian Sims shared a few harsh truths about his Republican colleagues on the Pennsylvania House floor, which resulted in having his mic cut – twice. 

The comments were also ordered to be stricken from the official record.

Screenshot of Brian Sims speech video 06-09-21 via PA House Video Official YouTube Channel.

What exactly did Sims say that caused such a ruckus? He reminded House GOP lawmakers that their caucus is 100 percent white and 70 percent male. 

According to Business Insider, lawmakers were debating on a proposal to regulate discarding fetal remains, which would require women to treat miscarriages as the death of a human being. Democratic lawmakers have said that the proposal would make women either bury or cremate miscarried fetuses.

Democratic women lawmakers gave speeches against the bill and spoke of their own experiences with miscarriages. Gov. Tom Wolf is expected to veto the bill. 


Sims, who is running to become Pennsylvania’s next Lt. Governor blasted Republican lawmakers for pursuing their “grossly predictably misogynistic agenda.”


“This is just another act in a political theater that has plagued this chamber for far too long,” he said. “We are a legislature that has met more to remove mask mandates, strip executive emergency powers, and overturn free and fair elections than we have to make strategic investments in Pennsylvania’s women, children, and families.” 

After Sims noted the GOP’s whiteness and male population, Republican lawmakers quickly retorted in anger. 


“Your boos mean nothing to me,” Sims responded. “I’ve seen what you cheer for.”

House Republican Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff objected, saying, “I believe these comments are inflammatory for our members and to this esteemed chamber. We have tried to give latitude on this issue, both yesterday and today, but I will not have our members impugned or insulted or this kind of behavior on this floor.”

After House Speaker Bryan Cutler cut Sims’ mic, he spoke to both parties’ leadership, read the debate rules to the lawmakers, and allowed Sims to speak again.

Sims repeated himself, which resulted in his mic being cut for a second time. The Speaker then said his time has been forfeited. 

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