Your Friday Five To Follow – New Music For The Weekend

This week we have another mix of talented artists to share with you and upload into our Pride Music via Instinct Playlist.  Pride is year-round and our list will grow every time we cover a new LGBTQ+ Artist.  Here’s what we wanted to highlight this week.  Have a safe weekend all!

1 – Steve Grand – @stevegrandsmusic – “Time”

No, this is not a new offering as it was released about 5 years ago, but wow.  Remember when we used to travel, have a chance encounter, and hit it off?  Some day we will return to no masks, talking to strangers, kissing strangers, and well … whatever comes next.  Thanks for the flashback to the reality we used to have, Steve Grand.



2 – Matthew James – – “Right Now”

I strongly believe that this anthem will not only impact our LGBTQ+ Youth, but open an eye to those who resist their children for coming out … regardless if they are Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Transgender, etc. This movement will help those who are struggling with suicide…inside and outside of the LGBTQ+ community…and lastly, I believe the #RightNow will be the leading contributor for empowering our community to start with LOVE.



3 – Spencer Day & Effie Passero – – “China” (Tori Amos cover)

Spencer Day is a new up and coming jazz singer, this duet with Effie Passero have teamed up to give us one of my favorite Tori Amos songs. Well done, but hold tight its a latin influenced version that just makes you want to slow dance with the arms of the love of your life, and just melt there.


4 Kelsey Waters – –  “You Got This”

Waters says, “The core message of what I wanted this video to represent is that it’s okay to be your true, authentic self… no matter who that is. At the end of the day, we are all fighting to love ourselves and break out of whatever shell society has built around us. That commonality should bring us together. Chris (Anita Coxx) and I’s roles in the video was our attempt at conveying that. I have been and continue to be an avid supporter of the LGBT+ community and I watch so many of my friends struggle with acceptance. If I can play my part in helping to shine a light on that, I will.”  


5 – Sammy Davis Jr – “Mr Bojangles”

Throwback: Sammy Davis Jr was a leader in entertainment, part of the “Brat Pack,” and remained in the closet most of his life, keeping it secret except with his closest friends. He was a beloved performer and friend of Frank Sinatra. The world was hard on him as a black man and Jewish, the world was not ready to accept him as queer. WE miss you Sammy.

Pride Music via Instinct

In 2018, Instinct attended LOVELOUD Music Festival in Utah (LOVELOUD 2018 – When In Utah, Let The Rainbow Flag Fly High).  There we had the opportunity to speak with organizers and LGBT artists.  It was a time like no other. Instinct’s Managing Editor was able to ask the final question of the Q&A. The overwhelming answer to his question, “What do you need from us, the media,” was to just help make these artists known.
To help with this cause, we created a new playlist on out Instinct Magazine YouTube page.  If we cover an LGBTQ artist and they have a YouTube video, we’ll share it there. Ever since LOVELOUD, we’ve been inspired to work even harder to promote the creative artists within our LGBTQ community. Only LGBTQ artists will be on this playlist. We love you allies, but we’re saving this for rainbow family members.  The video inserted below brings you to the playlist or feel free to follow this link to Pride Music via Instinct and enjoy!

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