Your Friday Five To Follow – New Music For The Weekend

This week we have another mix of talented artists to share with you and upload into our Pride Music via Instinct Playlist .  We have some music built on great stories, some non-binary representation, newly “officially out” artists, underground dance clubs, and a throwback cover.


1:  Bill Priss – @billpriss –  “Mr. Big” 

He said of this project “The making of this alt-pop EP started, honestly, from an anxiety-driven breakdown I experienced last summer. While healing myself, I was able to reflect on my background as a non-binary person originally from a small town in central Maine. With anecdotal lyricism and dreamy, yet precise production, I reconstructed my journey to stability in a 5-track project.”  He reminds me of a modern day Sade, if you all remember her.



2: Ariana and the Rose – @arianaandtherose – “True Love”

 is known for creating “vibrant, club-ready” bops ( Consequence of Sound ) that feel like a throwback to classic ’80s synth pop while also being undeniably current. And in time for  Pride Month, she drops “ True Love,” her most irresistibly jubilant song yet, honoring the universal power of love regardless of sexual orientation, skin color, or age. Some of this reminds me of the Elton John Biopic, but what a wonderful video about love being love. The visuals are great to see and so vibrant with color!



3: The Aces – @theaces – “Daydream”

A Utah based all girl pop/rock band, finally let it out that the two sisters Cristal and Alisa Ramirez who started the band are in fact queer. They put on one hell of a show, and were like everyone else wanting to take the road this year. Here is their newest piece “Daydream” that just fits the vibe of the band.  They really do warrant a deeper listen as you will not be disappointed if you really take the catalog on for a spin.



4: Kazaky – @kazakyofficial – “Push”

This Ukranian “High-Heeled Boy Band” has been around for a decade and you may remember them from their creative collaboration with Madonna for her “Girl Gone Wild” music video.  In 2019 Kazaky released the music video “Push” which was fully dedicated to the fifth anniversary of Kyiv Pride (“Equality March”) and to their LGBTQ+ fans who supported the band all the years despite many dangerous circumstances. The video contains a special intro message about “How does it feel to be different and hated.” Here the band showed some new artistic and diverse images, using not only their traditional masculine elements, but also new gender edges with two new members from the younger generation.

Maybe we’ll call this a 4.5.  Since it is Pride and the Kazaky boys are part of the LGBTQ+ family, we’ll share their newest song they just released for Pride, “Fucking Beautiful”.  Yes, the title is a little HELLO!, but the group still wears the heels, still look fabulous, and still represent us well. 


5 : Stefan Alexander – @stefanalxndr – “I Will Survive” (Gloria Gaynor Acoustic cover)

For a little bit of a throwback … We covered self described “Hong Kong Grandma” Stefan Alexander recently (Stefan Alexander On Music, Recovery, Relationships, & Being Able To “Cry Again”) for his most current EP, covering physical healing, and inspiration to get back into making music, and teaching himself how to sing again. This is his take on a classic, as he nails “I Will Survive” with his classical Spanish guitar. Enjoy his intensity on this one, he is not singing it just “for the fun of it”. Stefan also recorded this cover to benefit the Black Trans youth project



Pride Music via Instinct

In 2018, Instinct attended LOVELOUD Music Festival in Utah (LOVELOUD 2018 – When In Utah, Let The Rainbow Flag Fly High).  There we had the opportunity to speak with organizers and LGBT artists.  It was a time like no other. Instinct’s Managing Editor was able to ask the final question of the Q&A. The overwhelming answer to his question, “What do you need from us, the media,” was to just help make these artists known.
To help with this cause, we created a new playlist on out Instinct Magazine YouTube page.  If we cover an LGBTQ artist and they have a YouTube video, we’ll share it there. Ever since LOVELOUD, we’ve been inspired to work even harder to promote the creative artists within our LGBTQ community. Only LGBTQ artists will be on this playlist. We love you allies, but we’re saving this for rainbow family members.  The video inserted below brings you to the playlist or feel free to follow this link to Pride Music via Instinct and enjoy!

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