Your New Boyfriend Should Not Invade The Holidays!

Your New Boyfriend Should Not Invade The Holidays!

Keep Friendsgiving Within Family, Please!

Now that all of the Halloween zaniness has ended, the focus turns to the most wonderful time of the year and the happiest of holidays! Who doesn’t like to take some chunks of time off of work to go visit family, old friends, and most importantly your hometown “bed buddy”- who you should be sleeping with!

Before I venture home for Christmas in December, I'm planning a little November staycation in my current city to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends- a.k.a., Friendsgiving. While still traditional, the food tends to be better and the whole "everyone pitching in to cook" becomes more rewarding than sitting on my parent’s couch like a slob, waiting for the meal to be presented. Upon planning the upcoming holidays, I have one thing to say: Keep your boyfriend away from you and yours during the Holidays since he won’t be around next year!

Hear me out! I’m all about bringing the love of your life around, but only if you’ve been dating him for more than a few months! You shouldn't be inviting someone new, who no one has ever really met before, to Thanksgiving where all of your friends will be taking photos, sharing wine, food, germs, and making everlasting memories. It’s rude and uncalled for to basically have a trick break bread with parts of your heart. Moreover, this boyfriend of a few months should definitely not be going home with your for Christmas or any important holiday! It’s more than likely this new relationship won’t last after the holidays, so keep said person or yourself home. Do you really want to have to deal with the “what happened to ex-boyfriend #46” questions come the next Holiday?

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To ignite my personal fire on this topic even more, a member of my inner circle of friends is choosing to spend Friendsgiving with his boyfriend’s friends instead of his own. While this is understandable and forgivable, I honestly believe the holidays should be spent with the ones you love and loved, not the flavor of the month. Cuffing season is upon us, but please don’t force your family and friends to give a gigantic eye roll when you roll in with #47.

Do you think bringing your new beau around for the holidays is appropriate?

Writer's Note: This is the opinion of one Instinct Contributor and does not reflect the views of Instinct Magazine or the fellow Contributors. 

3 thoughts on “Your New Boyfriend Should Not Invade The Holidays!”

  1. You must be the reason why he

    You must be the reason why he won't be there next year. For you to write such a cruel article, he deserves better than you  Simone who really appreciates him

  2. If nothing else, this article

    If nothing else, this article helps me to understand why your boyfriend "won’t be around next year!" as you so delicately put it. [SMH]

  3. There are no set rules for

    There are no set rules for this kind of thing. But…..if Chicago (or wherever) isn't good enough for you for the rest of the year, why would you go there on Thanksgiving ?? Stay in West Hollywood. 


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