Your Shoes Are So Gay And We Love Them! Do You Wear Your Pride On The Outside?


It seems that the gay media is going gaga over these new kicks from Spain. 


In recent years, big-name athletic companies like Converse and Nike have release special Pride month collections, but now a Spanish sneaker maker has created a pair of kicks that celebrate bear culture.

Hitting stores later this month, Pride Shoes’ ursine trainers carry a black paw print and the traditional bear pride flag.

Made in fair-trade factories in Spain, the sneakers are available for preorder for €78 (or about $87). That price will go up to €98 (about $110) once they’re in stores.

A portion of profits benefit ImaginaMAS, an LGBT nonprofit based in Spain. Owner Alberto Dominguez has also designed sneakers for Brighton Pride, Madrid Pride, Ibiza and other LGBT occasions.  –


Other gay media sites have covered this beartastic fashion.  But courting the bear commuinty and their feet is not a new thing.  The major online shoe website has had bear shoes for a while. In a Zazzle search, we find several different designs.  Click on images for larger view. 

So why the big push this time?  Why the major coverage?   To that I say, I am not sure. 

Are designers more open to catering to the gay community and its subsections?  Some have gone gay before, but to go after the bears is taking it one step further.

I had met a major "two name" underwear designer many many years ago, before he exploded onto the scene.  I recently had the chance to meet him again at Austin Pride.  Let's just say, in my experience, he is not as personable anymore.  Fame doesn't do everyone good.  I was going to mention to him that he should market to the bear community, get some hairy / bearish porn stars to wear the undies instead of the twinks.  I didn't end up suggesting the idea since I could not get through the attitude.  No one's loss.

Would you buy these shoes?  Do you own a pair of gay shoes?  Do you wear your pride on the outside daily?  Would you wear these shoes daily, just out to the gay bars or gay festivals?  Maybe to the gym or grocery store to help you cruise?

For the last Wilton Manors Pride, my friends and I were going to purchase rainbow umbrellas.  I thought they would be great to use during the event, since it seems it always rains that weekend.  My thoughts also went to after-pride.  Would I use the umbrella again after that?  Yes, I wouldn't mind using the umbrella maybe on campus and around town. 

Once in a while I see the rainbow sticker on cars, the HRC stickers, too.  Pride stickers seem to be plentiful and the rage in the '90s and '00s, but I don't see them as much anymore. Why is that?

So stickers, umbrellas, shoes, etc., what do you wear on the outside daily to show your internal PRIDE?









What do you think?