YouTube Creator StanChris Answers Questions From Friend About Being Gay

YouTuber Cali Saws asks fellow YouTuber StanChris questions about being gay (Photo Credit: Screenshot of video from StanChris’ YouTube Channel)

It is always interesting when straight guys have questions for us gay men about aspects of our sexuality.Β  Gay YouTube creator StanChris answers questions from his straight friend, Calvin (Cali Saws on YouTube).

The questions range from sexual (What is a pitcher and a catcher?) to cerebral (What is the one thing I can never understand as a straight guy?).


The video is a follow-up to a previous video about questions gay men have for straight men on StanChris’ channel.

Chris has also appeared in a couple of videos on Cali Saws’ channel.Β Β  In the videos, Chris tries to teach Calvin how to skate with hilarious moments in both.


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Sources: Stan Chris YouTube Channel, Cali Saws YouTube Channel

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