YouTube Creator Uses Classic Disney Song to Urge Mask Wearing

Screenshot of parody video “Wear a Mask (Photo Credit: Noah Lindquist with use of material from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’)

Finally, a song that speaks to the frustrations of the coronavirus pandemic. All of us have seen countless videos of Karens who refuse to wear masks in public even though it mandated by local and state governments. The excuses these Karens come up with are they have a disability, it causes them to have anxiety attacks or their rights are being taken away.

Songwriter and singer Noah Lindquist has created “Wear a Mask,” a parody of the song “Be Our Guest’ from the 1991 Disney animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. Using the scene from the film, Lindquist sings a song about wearing a mask to the tune of the iconic song.  A sampling of the lyrics from the song are:


“It’s a mask! It’s a mask! Heaven’s sakes, it’s just a mask. Such a shame that asking folks to follow rules gets you harassed. You can shout. You can glare. But listen, Karen, I don’t care. Never seen folks so dramatic over a f***ing piece of fabric!”

Lindquist uploaded the video to YouTube on October 17, and it has received over 250,000 views and over 11,000 likes. Lindquist also posted the video on his newly created Twitter account and has already had the tweet retweeted by Broadway legend Audra McDonald and Lea Salonga, the singing voice of Jasmine in the Disney animated film, Aladdin.


The video is below.


Lindquist’s video is the latest viral media to stress the importance of wearing a mask in public to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends:

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