YouTube Cuts Ties With Logan Paul!

YouTube Cuts Ties With Logan Paul!

Is This The Beginning Of The End For The Vlogger?

Yikes! Are you familiar with the incredibly popular, and now controversial, YouTube Vlogger, Logan Paul? I don’t regularly follow Paul, but I have heard of him. Honestly, I just thought he’s pretty hot, because, well, if you’re into those Frat Bro types; Paul is right up your alley. I’ve been loosely following his fallout since posting a video mocking a man who committed suicide when he visited Japan. The internet made him a star and is now turning their backs on him. Seriously, this guy has over 16 MILLION Instagram followers…that is literally insane! Paul is only 22-years-old and seemingly had the Entertainment world at his fingertips. Until he posted his now infamous video on December 31st, 2017.

According to Buzzfeed, YouTube is beginning to cut ties with Paul since the release of his immature video and public outcry. There were over two-hundred-thousand signatures to get Paul’s YouTube channel removed. People like, really hate him! I think it may be the fact that he’s self-made famous through social media, so it’s easy to take a stab at him, but others are quite upset over his insensitivity of suicide. After some heavy digging, I’ve found that his large following isn’t necessarily adults – do many of us really have time to follow a Vlogger? No. His following are children ranging from preteens to freshman in college.

Now, Logan’s channel has been removed from Google’s Preferred Programming and he has lost a role on a popular YouTube web series, Foursome. And all of his new videos are “on hold” until YouTube either eliminates him entirely or can make a wild PR move to get the society back on Paul’s side.

I’ll be following this story more closely for you. I don’t mean to sound too harsh, but I can honestly see Paul getting into umm, the adult film industry, if this backlash blackballs him from the Entertainment industry. That is definitely a video of Paul’s I’ll be tuning into.

Do you stand with Paul or against him?

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