YouTube Hack Allows You To Watch Your Favorite Shows For Free!

YouTube Hack Allows You To Watch Your Favorite Shows For Free!

Animation Domination Is Back!

Are you a grown adult who prefers watching adult themed cartoons? I'm talking about those nearly departed from Netflix: American Dad, Family Guy, Bob's Burgers…you know, those classic, bedtime stories from Fox's Animation Domination. On top of these, there are many other favorites that have became better than my mother's bedtime stories: Rick & Morty, South Park…the list goes on.

As previously stated, some of these hypnotizing cartoons, full of satire and laughs, have been removed from one of the first streaming services, Netflix. Yes, there is an option to get them on Hulu, but come on, I'm a hardworking millennial! I don't  have enough patience to bounce back and forth between two streaming services. But, I've found a seemingly legal hack and I'm here to tell you about it.

While browsing YouTube to find the best bits of alien, Roger Smith, from American Dad, I came across YouTube's live streams. These streams are almost endless with the best television shows that can keep you occupied during your down time or put you to bed. Uncensored versions of our favorite shows are now available on YouTube!

The stream is so simple. There's no needless waiting for something to download. You simply type in your choice show with the word "live" next to it.

Example: "American Dad Live". 

Instantly, you are connected with a live stream of the animated-television show you're searching for. It's not distorted or delayed. It's genius.

I've taken full advantage of this over the last week. It's comforting to connect globally with folks trying to watch their favorite show. You can avoid the constant comments from others by easily swiping left; pending on your mobile device.

While I don't anticipate this free streaming to last long, especially after announcing this on the most popular LGBTQ blog, but we should eat the food while it's hot! I'm a firm believer that free is me.

Which shows are you most excited to stream for free?

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