YouTube Is Banning All Hate Speech Videos

Streaming Pioneer, YouTube, Is Banning All Racist, Sexist, And Hate Speech Videos


The internet is seemingly the only place keyboard warriors can get away with spewing anything they’d like to say. If you aren’t tech savvy, the internet can truly be a dangerous place – mentally. Sometimes that hate can be led into physical violence. Hateful comments on any viral content come in masses. You can’t necessarily stop someone from blabbing whatever they’d like to troll. However, some take their hatred a step further and post videos trying to incite violence or conspiracies that may lead to potential physical harm. One streaming giant is doing their work to ensure the safety of the globe’s citizens.

According to CBS News, YouTube is banning and removing videos that insult humans based on race, sexual orientation, gender, and other “protected attributes” such as race and threats of violence against particular persons. Over the summer, the company already had banned videos with a Neo-Nazi and white supremacy agenda. This is a move in the right direction, as we know YouTube (among many social media platforms) are constantly accused of allowing hate groups and individuals to come together and untie. YouTube has also promised that any videos which include hate speech that may still fit within their guidelines gaining money for advertisements and the like will no longer be able to receive funds for their creators. The company will also now have new comments rules: Any comment red flagged as inappropriate will need to be approved by the video’s creators. Hmm…

While we can appreciate free speech is an American Right, inciting riots and violence are not. Should a ban like this occur within comments on social media platforms – I think there may be an uprise in riots as that would essentially be taking away freedom of speech, even if it’s something stupid. Can you imagine not being able to comment under posts – even if you’re saying the eyerolling phrase “WHO?!” underneath a post about someone you probably know?! So far, this is great – but let’s hope we can still continue to comment as freely as we’d like. Even if the comment may get deleted by the source’s author.

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H/T: CBS News

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