YouTube Takes To Twitter To Apologize To LGBT Users Just Before The Closing Bell Of Pride Month

Is this a little too late? Haven't we been dealing with this issue for the past year and then some?

YouTube apologized to the LGBTQ community on Saturday over its enforcement of certain policies on its platform that have been criticized by LGBTQ YouTube video creators.

It's all about the money as well as tagging appropriately.  YouTube acknowledged that it "had issues" with "inappropriate ads" and concerns over how it enforces its monetization policy. YouTube was stripping ads from videos that seemed to violate its monetization terms of service, a practice which prevents the video’s creator from making a profit off of the video.





“We're sorry and we want to do better.”  Are we all good now?  A tweet fixed everything, right?  Well, it was a 4-part tweet.

The limiting of air time for and monetization of LGBT videos was mentioned quite well in this video from Arielle Jane and was shared originally on August 18, 2017, where she mentions videos tagged with LGBT were buried because at one point they were deemed not safe for the youth, but more recently, not safe for advertising.



The company's tweets, coming at the end of LGBT Pride Month, follow criticism from members of the LGBTQ community earlier this month over YouTube's enforcement of its ad and monetization policies.

There was also a point where YouTube seemed to be swinging the wrong way completely and becoming anti-LGBT. In some cases YouTube was placing anti-LGBTQ ads next to LGBTQ content.  Whoops,  an engineering issue, sorry, said YouTube.

YouTube, we get enough discrimination and weeding out, not being heard and pushed aside.  Put your money(tization) where your mouth is and follow through with being a welcoming place.


What do you think?