YouTuber Asks Straight People To Prove Their Sexuality With His “Straight Asylum Questionnaire”

Jazza John Interviewing Straight People / Screenshot via YouTube @JazzaJohn

Time for your daily dose of internet funny (or possibly your 10th dose today).

YouTuber Jazza John decided it would be funny to ask people to prove whether they’re straight or not (and he was right).

Jazza John got the idea after he heard stories of gay immigrants not being allowed asylum because they don’t seem gay enough. This reoccurring event was made especially apparent when one man from Afghan was denied asylum in Austria because he didn’t know the meanings behind the pride flag.

In order to both shine a light on this problem and also make a joke out of it, Jazza John decided to create a questionnaire for straight people.

Do they have a favorite straight song? What do the colors of the straight flag mean? Do they know there’s a straight flag? What attracts them to the opposite sex?

All these questions are fair game in Jazza John’s video, and you can see how people respond below.

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