YouTuber Colin O’Leary Gets In The Halloween Spirit With New Video

Frankenfurter is one of the many characters O’Leary features in Halloween video (Photo Credit: Screenshot from video via Colin O’Leary’s YouTube Channel)

It’s time for some spooky scenes in Colin O’Leary’s new video, “COLOWEEN: The O’Leary Horror Show” and as the title implies it is a Halloween themed video.  O’Leary pulls songs from musicals and movies with horror and supernatural themes as well as some unexpected moments from pop culture.


Some of the musicals O’Leary uses in the new video are Carrie The Musical, The Addams Family, and Wicked.  Like his other videos, O’Leary has brought his mom, who is a good sport with the many different ways O’Leary and his many props interact with her.

Additionally, O’Leary throws in a rather timely reference to a certain manager seeking and police calling group of people, and no Colin O’Leary video would be complete without the obligatory Lady Gaga reference.

You can watch the new video below.


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