YouTuber Phil Lester Says, “I’m Gay”

Phil Lester has joined his comedic partner Dan Howell in coming out / Screenshot via YouTube @AmazingPhil

Yet another YouTuber has come out as gay. This time, it’s Phil Lester.

It seems this year’s Pride saw many popular YouTubers discussing pride and their sexual orientations. While Elle Mills created her own Pride Parade in her home town, Dan Howell braved his fears by coming out online. Then, the Try Guys’ Eugene Lee Yang came out in a sensational dance video. Now, Phil Lester is joining them.

When Dan Howell came out last month, he shared his discomfort and stress over people questioning his relationship with Lester. As Howell wrote:

“We love working together, and when all these opportunities came for Dan & Phil, we were really excited, but I was also scared, as people clearly knew I wasn’t straight. And I hadn’t told my family that. None of my old friends knew about this, and what me and Phil had was ours and personal, and yet some people were trying to get access to it for their own satisfaction. … So I just shut down.”

While coming out, Dan Howell expressed concern about how people scrutinized his relationship with Phil Lester / Screenshot via YouTube @DanHowell

But now, Lester is sharing his own thoughts on the situation and on his sexual orientation with a new video. In the video, which you can watch below, Lester comes out by saying, “I’m gay.”

“There is something quite big I’ve been meaning to tell you guys,” says the UK comedian in his vlog. “I’m gay, and depending on who you are, you might’ve known, or it could’ve been a surprise… surprise! That’s how I should’ve come out to my parents. Even if you don’t totally relate to my story, you might learn something or change your view, or just feel like you’re not alone with something you went through. I’m gay! It’s great! I’m happy! And hopefully you’re happy for me too. If not, I hope you have a think about why you want a fellow human to be unhappy. And not true to who they are. And if that is a healthy mindset to have.”

Again, you can watch the video, in its entirety, down below.

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