YouTuber PK Creedon Shares Video of Planning and Proposing to His Boyfriend of Six Years

YouTuber PK Creedon Proposes to boyfriend Mike van Reekum (Photo Credit: PK Creedon Official Twitter Account)

Finding the right moment to propose to the person you love most in this world can be either be a spontaneous moment or one that is elaborate.  For YouTuber, Patrick ‘PK’ Creedon, proposing to his boyfriend of six years, Mike van Reekum, was a moment that was meticulously planned in December 2019 but took eight months to happen.  As Creedon explains in the video, illnesses, deaths, injuries, and COVID-19 delayed his plan to propose to van Reekum in January.

Creedon states:


“But regardless, it’s so important that no matter what’s going on, you always find, or you create your own light in times of darkness, and I knew it was important that I still live my life and move forward.”

Seven months later, under the pretense of going to a winery to celebrate van Reekum’s 30th birthday,  Creedon took him to Temecula where both his and Creedon’s parents were there as well. 

The video of Creedon’s journey to proposing to van Reekum can viewed below. Congratulations to Creedon and van Reekum on their engagement and may you have a long life of happiness together.

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Sources: PK Creedon YouTube Channel,  PK Creedon Instagram account


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