Yum: Danny ‘Tree Man’ Jones Sports Major Wood

Here's what's to know about personal trainer and Instagram star Danny "Tree Man" Jones. He's 6'7, developed a major following due to people saying he looks like a "tree", and has his own online fitness program.  Oh, and he's as fine as they come.



10lbs in 2 weeks…let's goooooo!! #blurrypic

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His legs literally go on for days and outside of that he rocks one of the best beards & bods we have seen so far in 2018.  And now, just like many others, his junk has been exposed on the web, and suffice to say, the "tree" aspect rings somewhat true downstairs just like it does everywhere else.

And who doesn't love looking at a great back.



And he does talk about feeling good based on your own standards.



Everyone should be overweight once. . Seriously. I'm not kidding. . Now, I acknowledge that the photo on the left isn't "fat" or overweight by many people's standards. And though that wasn't even close to my heaviest, I still felt…well, fat. . My definition of overweight is getting to a point where you are consumed with self-consciousness when it comes to your body. Sure, everyone has insecurities, but when it comes to a point where that is all you think about and what you focus on the majority of the time, THAT is when I, personally, truly felt overweight. . So why should everyone be overweight once? . It gives you more of an appreciation for being fit and healthy. You know what the other end of the spectrum looks and feels like, so you are grateful for where you are now. I can vividly remember being SO unhappy with how I looked. I'd wear baggy clothes at every opportunity (including that suit) to cover my weight. At my heaviest, I remember putting tape over my nipples every day(I'm not joking) so my mini man-boobs couldn't be seen through my shirt. It's kinda funny now, but I remember how fuckin horrible that felt at the time. The confidence I have now is not even comparable to the lack of confidence I had then(even though I hid it pretty damn well). . BUT, being overweight builds character. When you aren't visually "beautiful" by society's standards, you can't rely on your beauty to make up for a shitty personality. You can't lean on that. You (hopefully) learn to be a good person, treat people with respect, and let your personality be what makes you beautiful. . I'm kinda rambling here, but I just wanted to share these random thoughts with you guys as I sit in this little cafe and drink my coffee. And to all of you unicorns that have always been in great shape and have remained humble and awesome, bravo . And for the record, I think you're all beautiful in your own unique way. . HAVE A GREAT DAY YOU GUYS! .

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But anyway.  We know you want the links and not just more photos from his Instagram page.

NSFW link here.  Happy Sunday. 


6 thoughts on “Yum: Danny ‘Tree Man’ Jones Sports Major Wood”

  1. Look at shape of his finger

    Look at shape of his finger nails.   You can tell that's not his dick because his thumbnail looks completely different.

  2. Definitely not his.   The

    Definitely not his.   The legs are too short, and the clothing style doesn't seem to fit what he wears in his IG posts.  

  3. That’s not his dick, I am

    That’s not his dick, I am really good at analyzing people and their bodies. So that is not his.

    • If he is 6’7 you know His

      If he is 6'7 you know His waists line is well above the bathroom sink. I say, fake picture. But very nice view.

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