Yum! Hairy Model Hunter Harden’s Sexiest Instagram Pics

If hair and muscle (with a dazzling personality) is your thing, then Hunter Harden is your dude.

The super sexy (and openly gay) stud from the south has been making a big name for himself in the world of modeling by working with some of the top photographers in the industry that include Michael Anthony Alago as well as some pretty awesome brands on top of that.

There's also a story to him outside of his hotness, as he's been very vocal about his suffering from cluster headaches, which is still a big problem for him today. 

On a brighter note, Hunter's interests include Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops with Brussels Sprouts, daddies, and potato chips. So, if you are a hot daddy who enjoys bacon wrapped meat, then you may have found yourself the perfect guy!

Take a look at what we think are some of Hunter's hottest Instagram shares:



Suns out, nipps out.



Daddy spotted!



Well… hello there.



Room for one more?






"You're beautiful, you're a model."



Mile high cub.




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