Yum: Hugh Jackman and Another Hot Guy Hit The Beach

Hugh Jackman has been one piece of delicious eye candy to look at for many years now. Seeing him shirtless down under on a beach with another hot dude is icing on the already fantastic (and hairy) cake.


The Greatest Showman star (who sparked a major "Who Would You Rather" debate on Instinct between him and his castmate Zac Efron earlier this year) hit up Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday. The 49-year-old left very little to the imagination in a pair of board shorts and nothing else.

He was joined by his equally hunky personal trainer Michael Ryan while there. The two enjoyed a laugh or two while frolicking in the waters with one another. If smooth is your thing… then Michael is your guy (he also wears speedos a lot).

The Oscar-nominated actor is giving guys half his age a run for their money in the fitness and looks department. He turns 50 this coming October, but you could never guess given how phenomenal he's kept his body in shape over the years. 

Check out the sexy photos here.




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  1. In my humble opinion, Hugh

    In my humble opinion, Hugh Jackman is the true definition of 'Perfect'.  Both Physically and Personally. 


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