Yunus Chkirate’s Art Shines in San Francisco and Provincetown

Emerging LGBTQ+ Artist Yunus Chkirate Expands Global Reach with New Gallery Partnerships (Portrait of the Bearded Bar Boy_40 x 40)

Here at Instinct, we proudly celebrate LGBTQ+ lives and stories all year round, but it’s incredibly gratifying to introduce emerging LGBTQ+ artists, movers, and shakers during Pride Month. One such artist is the highly talented and damn sexy renowned contemporary painter and sculptor Yunus Chkirate.

Chkirate has recently achieved a remarkable milestone in his career. With representation secured in two esteemed galleries, 2358 MRKT in San Francisco, California, and Woodman Shimko in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Chkirate’s global reach has expanded significantly. These new partnerships mark a pivotal step in his burgeoning international career and underscore his growing presence in the worldwide art scene.

(L-R: Portrait of a wanting moment 24 x 24, Portrait_of_a_Seduction_Moment_36 x 4)

Yunus Chkirate is celebrated for his larger-than-life portraiture characterized by an expressive color palette and his hand-woven, galvanized steel sculptures. His works delve into human emotions, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences and observations of society. Over the years, Chkirate has garnered critical acclaim for his portraits, including commissions to paint actor Roy Dupuis and Lamborghini’s Founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. His unique and bold use of color, innovative techniques, thematic explorations, and deep passion for his art have earned him numerous press articles, including a cover feature in Montreal’s esteemed Fugues Magazine in 2022. Chkirate has exhibited his works in Montreal, New York, Sydney, Florence, and Bologna, establishing himself as a formidable talent and rising star in the art world.

The partnership with 2358 MRKT and Woodman Shimko galleries represents a strategic expansion for Chkirate, offering greater exposure and accessibility to a diverse audience. 2358 MRKT, located in San Francisco’s historic Castro district and run by photographer Kalie Capodona, primarily represents dynamic San Francisco artists from all career stages. On the other hand, Woodman Shimko, curated by designer Woody Shimko, has a strong reputation for thought-provoking exhibitions within a vibrant and historic art community. 

Yunus Chkirate poses with his painting and sculpture works

These collaborations will provide Chkirate with invaluable opportunities to showcase his work on an international platform:

“We are sincerely honored to share the captivating artwork of Yunus Chkirate at our gallery. Yunus’ unique utilization of color and engaging subject matter truly stands out. His extraordinary pieces are bound to capture the attention of our respected collectors and all our visitors this June,” said Kalie Capodona, owner of 2358 MRKT.

Looking ahead to this new chapter, Chkirate shared, “I am honored to join 2358 MRKT and Woodman Shimko. Their belief in my work inspires me to continue pushing the boundaries of my art. I am excited about the future and the possibilities these new partnerships bring.”

As Yunus Chkirate expands his artistic horizons and captivates audiences with his mesmerizing creations, the art world eagerly awaits his next move and the masterpieces he will unveil. With talent and dedication, and with the addition of these two prestigious galleries, Chkirate is poised for further international acclaim —and probably a lot of new Instagram followers who may have noticed Yunus is not just a talented artist, he’s also sexy AF!

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