‘Yuri On Ice: Ice Adolescence’ Released A First-Look Teaser!

Image via MAPPA

Yuri!! On Ice: Ice Adolescence has released a new teaser to the public.

Animation studio MAPPA has released a teaser video for their upcoming film Yuri!!! OnIce: Ice Adolescence. The film, which has been in development for three years now, had seemingly been lost in the production basement. Despite announcing the film release for 2017, marketing for the movie diminished shortly after its announcement. But now, the film has resurfaced with a public statement from MAPPA.


“The production of YURI!!! on ICE the movie: ICE ADOLESCENCE is still ongoing with the aim of further enriching the film,” The statement reads. “However, we have not yet reached the stage where we can announce the release date. 

MAPPA then added, “Our team will continue to work diligently to deliver a film and share our unwavering love and dedication for skating. We deeply apologize to all fans for the circumstance and ask for your generous understanding.”


But that’s not all. MAPPA not only shared this statement, but they also shared a teaser for the film. In it, we see a teenaged Victor during the height of his figure skating career. All that we know about the film so far is that it will include flashbacks exploring Victor’s adolescence (hence the name).


Despite being fairly thin, an update and news about the project are exciting for LGBTQ anime fans. In 2016, anime fans and LGBTQ people were rocked by the release of the show Yuri!!! On ICE. The sports anime centered on an underdog story. At its start, Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki suffered a crushing defeat at the Grand Prix Final. He then returned to his hometown to put his career on hold. But Russian figure skating champion Victor Nikiforov later discovered a secretly recorded video of Yuri performing one of Victor’s old routines. Victor then offering to coach Yuri back to the top of the figure skating world.

Anime fans and LGBTQ people passionately celebrated the show for depicting a same-sex romance between Yuri and Victor. At a time when mainstream gay representation was still in flux for Japan, the anime confirmed its gay romance with the main characters exchanging rings and a few kisses.


But again, there’s been no word on a second season. As for this film, we know very little about the plot so far. Will the story satisfy fans if it solely focuses on Victory’s backstory and does not include the series’ iconic couple? Or, will the flashbacks be only a portion (albeit a large portion) of the overall film? Despite that concern, fans seem happy with the statement.



We’ll find out how the movie turns out whenever Yuri!!! On Ice: Ice Adolescence releases. Until then, it’s good to know it’s still in the works.

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