Zac Brown Gives Us Sir Roosevelt and ‘Sunday Finest’ And We’re Off To Dance!

Can we stop and talk about the sexiness that is Zac Brown and his Sir Roosevelt?  Not only are they might fine looking, but they also dropped a might fine song today.


Country star Zac Brown dropped a surprise on fans this morning: three tracks by new project Sir Rosevelt, a trio featuring with Niko Moon and Ben Simonetti that combines southern pop with dance grooves. 

Partly inspired by watching artists like Jack U, the dance music super pairing that unites Skrillex and Diplo, Brown says he has found an outlet to explore styles and sounds that go beyond the roots foundation that multi-platinum Zac Brown Band — which, he reassures, isn't going anywhere and in fact has a new album on the way —  is known for.   –


Head on over to for Brown's first interview on Sir Rosevelt, where he elaborates on the phrase, "I’m sick of the country bucket, sick of being in a bucket, here’s Sir Rosevelt."

But before you head over there,we know they look good, but how does Sir Roosevelt sound?  Have a listen and a look at their first video and let us know.  Those beards, the talent, and those beards.  Yum all over.  Hit play and wait a bit for the sound to play.




I'm not a big country fan, but this was made not to be in the bucket of country music.

Thanks guys for the great new tune.  We look forward to see what else lands outside the bucket. 

It is interesting that many of the girls 'Sunday Finest' are booty shorts.


What do you think?