Zac Efron vs Dylan Efron: Who’s Hotter?

Photo Credit: @zacefron on Instagram

Imagine being a Hollywood A-lister and having one of the best bodies in the business, and your younger brother starts giving you a run for your money! What were they drinking in the Efron Household while growing up that made the whole family so good looking?!

Zac Efron, age 35, and his brother Dylan, age 33, recently enjoyed a staycation in Idaho which saw them capitalizing on the state’s natural environment. Boating, golfing, clowning around – both men thoroughly appreciated their time together. 


And now the internet is thirsting and appreciating the pictures both industry insiders shared on Instagram. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

Two options. Taller and ripped or shorter and bulked. Name the brother you’d rather have in bed in the comments!


We’re all familiar with Zac Efron. The former teen heartthrob turned leading Hollywood star, who is an Emmy Award Winner and 15x Teen Choice Award Winner, got his big break in High School Musical. He’d go on to star in comedies including Neighbors and Baywatch, but also appeared in the grand musical The Greatest Showman. 

Zac recently made news when his travel and lifestyle show ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’ was cancelled after only two seasons. 


Dylan is a popular media personality in his own right. He works as an executive producer on both independent films and blockbusters, including Ready Player One, and hosts his own YouTube channel. His latest vlog depicts him swimming with sharks and that’s a big no thank you from me.

Why risk a shark bite when you look that delectable to begin with? 

Honestly, I could look at these photos all day, but instead I’m going to let them motivate me to go for a run. Show idea. Take a bunch of couch slouches like me and turn them into fitness experts. Winner gets to enter the Efron Family as a member of their pose. Like remember that Paris Hilton best friend show?

*whistles* Good looking men, indeed. OK… Going now.

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