Zac Efron Wishes Younger Brother Dylan A Happy 30th Birthday

The Efron brothers are together again. This time the family is on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles. The reason for the excursion: Dylan Efron’s 30th birthday.


Older brother Zac, 34, captioned the photo,

“HBD lil bro! 30 years and we’re still up to the same $&!+ @dylanefron”


The best buddies have traveled often together in the past. The two also chronicled their adventures in the 2019 YouTube series Off the Grid. According to People magazine,

“Dylan even serves as a producer on his brother’s Netflix show Down to Earth, which follows Zac on a quest to find healthier, more sustainable ways of living. Season 2 is expected to hit the streaming platform this year. In 2017, Zac and Dylan teamed up to test outdoor gear for Columbia and road tripped to Montana.”


The birthday trip consisted of some golfing, hanging Happy Birthday signs, and running away from a bison! I think that’s the other gay trifecta!

The Greatest Showman star has long talked about both his love of family and love of travel. In 2009 he spoke to Interview magazine telling them,


“I’ve been to the coast outside of Portland—a couple of times, actually. I might have been where you’re at. I have relatives up there. I think I took a road trip from Portland one time with my aunt, because she lives there. It’s a beautiful place.”

Check out Zac Efron’s birthday tribute below. 

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