Zach Noe Towers Dishes On Grindr Culture, Leaked Nudes, & His Podcast

Comedian and actor Zach Noe Towers has been a busy man as of late! And I’m not just talking about on his Grindr account — which he describes as his “candy crush”. The stand up pro has been recurring on Nightly Pop as a guest co-host and he’s been busy churning out new episodes for his weekly sex podcast, Good Morning Sodomites!. Not to mention the kid is booked for comedy festivals.

So I was excited to get a chance to chat with Towers (be sure to check out the interview at the end of this article). We discussed everything from his upbringing in the Midwest, being a young “demon twink” in Los Angeles and hustling for his career in Hollywood.


Towers has been fortunate enough to join the E! Network family. He was cast as one of the original six comedians for Dating: No Filter  and he says that he is “so grateful and blessed” to be able to have a recurring guest spot on the pop culture recap show, Nightly Pop.


The comedian also hosts a popular podcasts, Good Morning Sodomites! — where it’s all about sex. “Tower Bottoms” (what Towers has nicknamed his fans),  tune in weekly to this sex focused podcast where he discusses the sexual journey of both him and his guests. Whether it’s pure or down right raunchy, it gets mentioned. 

Towers is performing at The Moontower Just For Laughs comedy fest in Austin, Texas from April 21-23. Check out his Instagram to learn more about it and to see his hilarious conversations from Grindr. If I haven’t sold you yet on why you too should become a Tower Bottom, check out our interview below. P.S. — he tells you how you can see his nudes that have been leaked online.

All images sourced from Zach Noe Towers’ Instagram account.

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