Zane Phillips Is Looking HOT AF in Back-to-Back SEXY Photoshoots!

Zane Phillips recently did back-to-back photoshoots with BODYELECTRIC and FAULT Magazine in March and April, and he looks SEXY AF in the shots that were released!

The 30-year-old out gay actor was part of BODYELECTRIC’s debut where he posed for some steamy photos, including a few shots of him shirtless and wearing football gear. He also wore other outfits for different sports, and needless to say, he looks stunning in each and every one of them.

Not to mention, Phillips shared his hot pics via an Instagram post, and on the caption he wrote:


“thrilled to be part of @bodyelectricmagazine in its debut – I’m in the company of some real talented and thoughtful folks – check it out nowww”

On that note, you can see his BODYELECTRIC photoshoot here:


More recently, the ‘Fire Island’ star also did a photoshoot with FAULT Magazine, and his followers are living for all his V steamy content. Not just saying this though because they actually expressed how they can get used to seeing Phillips do a magazine shoot on a regular basis. Don’t we all? 😉

“I am personally very cool with there being a new @zanethan photoshoot regularly,” photographer Austin Ruffer commented.

“The perfection of a man,” Instagram user @sanz_luis0 wrote.

Indeed, he is, and you can check out his FAULT Magazine photos in case you need more proof:


Moreover, Phillips is known for portraying the character of Dex in the 2022 LGBTQ+ film ‘Fire Island’, as well as for playing the main role of Chad Addison in the 2023 queer series ‘Glamorous’ on Netflix.


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