Zane Phillips Is Looking VERY SEXY in New Photoshoot in the Shower

Zane Phillips recently did a photoshoot with artist Viktor Csontos, and it just so happens to be of him taking a steamy shower while looking intensely seductive at the camera.

The first photo shows the 30-year-old ‘Fire Island’ star wearing nothing but shorts while in the shower. The next few pics is of him mid-working out, and the last two snaps are of him during and after showering, leaving anyone looking at them most likely thirsting for more. 😉

You can check out the V steamy photos and videos here:



It’s great to see the actor exuding confidence, but his body hasn’t always been something that he perceives positively in the past. 

“I have had a really poor relationship with my body from a very early age. I remember there was a period of time from third grade to eighth grade where I refused to wear shorts—and this was in Texas, mind you; it was hot as hell—simply because I didn’t like the way my legs looked,” he previously told Men’s Health.


Phillips further expressed,

“I think it has to do with being queer, too, but male body insecurity in general is this weird insidious thing where it’s never spoken aloud. I’ve been unhappy with myself and thought, ‘Well that’s because something’s wrong with me.'”

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1 thought on “Zane Phillips Is Looking VERY SEXY in New Photoshoot in the Shower”

  1. Years ago, I used to have a problem with the way my legs looked. However, I did wear shorts but tend to not look at myself in the mirror. While I may not be hawty down the street.

    I at least learned how to deal with my legs. It wasn’t that they were ugly just for some reason I didn’t like the way they looked. I learned over the years while looking at other men’s legs.

    I learned that I would lock my legs at the knees and this would make my legs look horrible. So, I learned to stand more at an at-ease position, with just a slight bend in my knees my legs would so much nicer.

    I noticed a lot of guys tend to lock their legs and this looks weird, I think if more guys would just relax with their legs in a slight bent knee, they would like their legs a whole lot more. I now look at a guys legs more than any other part of his body. And while I am not a gym person (over weight actually) I always look to see if a guy is working on his legs or just building his upper body talk about weird looking. BTW when I say a sight bent in the knee its not uncomfortable. And when you start doing it you will learn it naturally and you won’t notice you doing it. It really does make a difference in leg appearance.


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