Zelda’s Link Goes Transgender In New Game? People Lose Their Minds.

In a recent posting on Heat Street, William Hicks get a little hot under the collar about a storyline one of his favorite video game characters plays out. 

I can remember a handful of times that I played role playing games or video games when the character donned different clothing to work his way into different scenes. It was no big deal.  It was just part of the game. It was just putting on a dress or a thong or a wig and that's all it was. The '80s and '90s were great, weren't they?

But now, it seems everyone is a little more touchy about their nostalgia.  Hicks elaborates on how Link from Zelda got his own panties in a twist.


[It] seems the cultural Marxists have won the latest round in the culture wars. They finally managed to stop smoking weed and engaging in deviant sexual activity long enough to hit American culture where it hurts: imported Japanese video games.

Yep, the cultural Marxists managed to make Link transgender for 10 minutes in the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Internet exploded at the revelation. Gamers were declared dead and communists rejoiced in reaching another milestone towards the complete destruction of the traditional American family unit.

The line between male and female must never be crossed. Pretty androgynous men should remain pretty androgynous men, not dressed in female clothing to lead good Christians astray! – Heat Street

Does putting on a dress for 10 minutes make someone transgender? I guess I missed that memo, but then again Hicks focuses on Link's androgyny quite a bit in his post. I think he likes labels.

Hicks as well talks about how he was sent to his Pastor because his father found him putting Barbie dresses on his Link doll (sorry, he called his doll an action figure).  His flashback involved Satan, Sin, and Sodomy.  Sounds like a strong, wonderfully defined childhood.

I had to go back several times to see if this was a satirical piece, but I actually think he was vey upset about Link role playing as a female.  After looking at his Twitter @William__Hicks, I think he was serious. 

He must have shat a ton of bricks when he saw Gaymer Couple Shares Adorable 'Legend Of Zelda' Themed Proposal Video.

Head over to Heat Street for some of the reactions.  Some say it's satire, The Onoin-esque, and others agree with Hicks.

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4 thoughts on “Zelda’s Link Goes Transgender In New Game? People Lose Their Minds.”

  1. Hi, the article doesn’t

    Hi, the article doesn't elaborate on how specifically people were "losing their minds," can you elaborate on this claim?

      • As a regular reader of HS, I

        As a regular reader of HS, I can say it's definitely satire. Hicks writes stuff like this all the time.

        The people losing their minds here are the people on Twitter getting mad about it.

        He wrote something about the gender-fluid Garfield controversy a few days ago and people responded the same. Before that, his humor piece about Starbucks cups and ISIS was taken seriously by a HuffPo writer.


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