Zodiac signs portrayed as Lumbersexuals.

This was originally posted to Unicorn Booty at the beginning of the month, but in the spirit of my friend Rick's Gemini Birthday, I thought I would share it today. 


Portland-based artist Michael Sanderson — a visual artist and designer whose work combines his interest in fashion with his “distinctly trendy Pacific Northwest sensibility” — has created Constellation Park, a collection of 16″ x 24″ prints that re-conceptualize the 12 zodiac signs as portraits of “rugged outdoorsmen,” each with an accompanying description “emphasizing (each sign’s) darker profile traits.”

They’re all quite hunky — especially if you’re an underwear or beard fetishist — but if you want one of Sanderson’s limited edition prints for yourself, it’ll cost you $50 a pop. Worry not though; we’ve republished all of them below to enjoy at no cost whatsoever. – Unicorn Booty


So if you think that the lumberjack or lumbersexual movement is dead or overrated, please skip over the following pictures.  If you think bearded hairy men in their underwear are a good thing, take a peek at the following drawings and see if you can figure out which zodiac signs they represent.  For the whole cast of Lumbersexual zodiac characters, head on over to Unicorn Booty  or to the artist's page, Michael Sanderson's Constellation Park,  where you can buy these works of art.

One zodiac sign that is missing is one that is not represented in most lists.

Of course, the modern day horoscope is actually based on outdated star charts. For example, even though the sun travels through 13 zodiac constellations each year, most newspaper and online horoscopes only feature 12 zodiac signs leaving out Ophiuchus the “serpent bearer” — a sign rumored to be extremely curious, adaptable, passionate, and super jealous. – Unicorn Booty 

Serpents, curious, adaptable, passionate.  Good lord, what would he look like as a lumbersexual?  Can I commission an Ophiuchus, please?




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  1. I am so grateful that you

    I am so grateful that you featured an ARTIST! I love that this is not about shallow attention-seeking youtubers, and the like. …This art is not even my personal style (I am called toward deeper, more complex skill levels, done by hand, not done by simple computer connect-the-lines stuff) but I appreciate that it is an article on something artistic!!! 🙂 


    Thank you!!


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