Zumanity – Cirque Du Soleil Impresses Us With #mannequinchallenge Video.

Have you participated in the #mannequinchallenge yet?  No, I haven't either.  I'm going to leave that up to the talented people, like these from Zumanity – Cirque Du Soleil.  We love our friends over there and they seem to love us since they've shared this behind the scenes video.

Would you go back stage of Zumanity? I most certainly would.  We've been to a cast anniversary party before and that was fantabulous! Seeing and meeting the staff in person as normal, every day peeps was great.  talking to them one-on-one and getting to know them was a rush.  But I do think being up close and personal with them while in their costumes and ready to perform would be a rush, too. 

We haven't been able to embed the video here yet, so we're going to have to send you over to their page to view the entire #mannequinchallenge video. If clicking on the pic below doesn't send you there, head over to https://www.facebook.com/Zumanity/videos/10154609285793847/

Watch the video, leave a comment, show them some love, and like Zumanity's page if you wish.


Here are a couple more amazing shots from the video.

What do you think?