and has a history of refusing service based on sexuality (AUDIO)
Indiana's decision to legalize discrimination against the LGBT has real world effects...
if SB 101 is passed. Why play chicken with narrow minded states? Pull out before the governor decides.
A Reddit user posts about a horrifying -- and completely legal -- incident in Mississippi.
If we can't afford D&G, what should we do?
How much did they raise and will this mean more than one show?
"I believe in libertarian principles."
...though "gay" is allowed. WTF?
Apple's more-diverse emoji set includes better LGBT representation
The massive retailer won't let its home state go anti-gay so quietly...
The State wants take down your name and tax you.
Just in time for Valentine's Day!
Businessweek thinks so.
Tylenol goes Modern Family for the holidays!
One-night-only on Broadway.
Because... why, exactly?
One guess who launched a campaign against the Scandinavian men's underwear brand...
A business move between friends?
is coming to Fort Lauderdale?
Yes, fun was had by all