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To get fans ready for "Man of the Woods," Timberlake released a teaser video all about being one with nature.
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Instinct Replay - The movie's triumphant Oscar win, and the gagworthy moment that led up to it!
Instinct Replay - "When you feel like letting go… Hold tight."
The best 'ice breaker' line for 2018 is ...
Some surprises and some left off?
The short film project is working with charity "Gay & Sober" to present an out for LGBTQ people suffering from addiction.
The film has been in the works since 2015, and the Oscar winning director says he would love to see it become a reality.
Shirtless #kylorenchallenge is what 2017 was missing...
TBH, those legs are doing it for me...
New feature allowing fans to create official Marvel comics has a lot of restrictions including one barely hidden homophobic rule.
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The Viral Hot Cop Talks LGBTQ Love, Man Crushes, And SO Much More!
Too cute!
"He is draining the swamp of thieves who steal public money..."
This event celebrates the glory days of the bathhouse scene with towel only dress codes and a Bette Midler impersonator.
Their beautiful sunset ceremony was perfection!
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Hunky Men, Australia, RuPaul, World Travel, and controversy--this is how 2017 measured up!
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Over 50 LGBTQ characters will make history on screen
"You are born this way."
We miss you, George Michael!
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The hilarious play is fantastically directed by 'Ugly Betty' star Michael Urie.
The Thai lip balm commercial uses BL to get their customer's attention... and ours.
Zaddy AF!