Looks like Thailand is even closer to starting its engines!
Will she outshine the 'Filthy' Justin Timberlake?
She conceded during last night's Golden Globes.
It was a much different ceremony this year for very obvious & necessary reasons.
The boy did not hold back! Read the full opening here.
We'd clear the dance floor for a chosen few. She's definitely one of them!
And he lost to a more jarring figure!
We love seeing more of Tommy and hearing his advice.
Well, aloha to you.
Does 'Call Me by Your Name' and 'Will & Grace' stand a chance?
Jon Snow gets kicked out of a bar...
Which Greatest Showman hottie is greater?
Is the feature-length film a fusion of 'Paris is Burning' and 'RuPaul's Drag Race'?
It's the first single off his upcoming album 'Man of the Woods.'
He breaks down everything from 'Paris is Burning' to his years with Madonna.
She lost the bottom half of her skirt midway into the walk in!
We Want More!
For the second year in a row, people are pointing fingers at Coachella's owner for donating to Anti-LGBTQ politicians.
The emotional moment aired on the popular VH1 show.
It's the first time where Will & Grace end up dating the same guy.
The lawsuit asks the Chinese government to prove its not being discriminatory by banning gay content for being "abnormal."
"My message is love. It's ok to be exactly who you are."
Why every single LGBTQ generation needs to watch this episode.
Tells Her She Allowed Him To Roll All Over Her Husband!
Trump Claims Ellen Is A Part Of Corrupted Democracy!
Why can't all news anchors be like this?
Who will Nick Offerman choose?
Well his boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, and dancers will be in tow. A must see?
...and possibly some more
Guest stars include Willam Belli, Wilson Cruz and Constance Wu!