The 'Father Figure' passed in December of 2016.
It's gonna be YUGE--and fabulous!
Have you been checking out the participants? Did you know Celine Dion won 30 years ago?
An interesting list indeed!
The Queerest Show Heads Back To Netflix!
Come listen to “He Gives His Love to Me” and “She Gives Her Love To Me.”
It features some 'legendary art freaks'.
The actor spoke about his past in Japanese internment camps, his LGBTQ charity and rights work, and his social media presence.
And guess which celebrity said she'll sing at their wedding.
Or is it "Blades of ... ?"
The pre-Jonas Brothers pic with Kevin and Joe gets an "AWWW!"
Tell us, Babs.
Guess which celebrity started his sexual awakening....
It was missing at the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia
The former TLC star called his family a 'travesty'.
Massive Spoilers Ahead!
The singer-songwriter and actor reflects on being homeless, creating his art, and having his community violently reject him.
And he wants to live separately from his lovers.
The drag performer has apologized and has set the record straight
Singer-songerwriter Nakhane shared his outrage on social media.
"What a travesty of family [sic]"
A television special and two new songs on the horizon.
Poor Arad Winwin.
A new queen emerges as a front runner.
This fantastic fan performance is going viral.
The openly gay rapper's new song is straight (pun) fire.
It's sketch comedy...and not just for gays!
He captioned the very sexy pic with 'Finn & Seth'. Hmm.
After his brother Justin committed suicide, Fashanu's now advocating for closeted players.
But fans are still asking for a season 3.